Gil Smith


Gil is a career Management Services Executive, entrepreneur, negotiator, seasoned business operations professional. He specializes in optimizing businesses, improving corporate culture, developing leaders, and catalyzing growth.

His experience crosses Fortune Global 1000, Federal Government, State and Local Government, Family Owned Businesses, Non-Profits, Sports Management, Media, and Entertainment.

Managed global liquidity for $1B Multinational
– Led management operations for the Peace Corps

– Served the world’s highest Executive Office

– Led management operations for 150,000 person government agency, operating in 2600 locations around the world
Led a family owned business to record revenue and profits

He was always incredibly focused and efficient, with a great sense of teamwork and dedication – CEO of Consulting firm
He has an amazing ability to “get the job done”. Whether its a small task or a major project, if you turn your back for a couple minutes, Gil will have the solution on your desk. He’s amazing!! – Sr. Political Appointee, Attorney and Physician
I could not have been a successful President without him, he saved my bacon! – President, Fortune Global 1000 Firm


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