The root of our work in motorsports has been in imaging. We have been at the track for decades creating images for sponsors, teams, drivers, and media outlets. Our work in this area has brought us to build great relationships across the industry. We believe that our understanding and appreciation of the industry, coupled with our business connections across the nation we can create value for sponsors.

The business relationship with Infield begins when we are asked to help a business or individual interested in entering motorsports or improving their current sponsor relationship. After a discussion with the interested party and gaining mutual understanding of goals, budget, and expected outcomes, we put in place a business consulting relationship through our corporate advisory arm. This is a fee for service approach where we work in the sponsors best interest. Together we will work to locate the right driver/team/series/track/program that makes sense to reach the established goals.

Infield will stay with the relationship throughout the program. Upon beginning a sponsorship relationship Infield will continue to manage the sponsorship to assure that it is operating as expected and the sponsored entity is delivering as expected.

Why Sponsor a Driver and Team?

The first responses from potential sponsors is almost always “Wow, that’s a lot of money to put a logo on a car”…. followed by “does anyone watch racing on TV anymore”… and “attendance is low at tracks”…. and “I don’t see the value”.

It is tough when experiences with sponsorship are like this major business expresses:

” Lastly, thanks so very much for offering [my company] a branding opportunity on a high-visibility Indy 500 car.  Sadly, I’ve learned today that [my company] has used marketing dollars in the past for similar opportunities and it has not provided the anticipated ROI.  Disappointing, as I would have loved to see this happen.”

When sponsorship is done right and closely managed it can deliver extraordinary ROI. There is so much more to sponsorship, and Infield can make sure you get everything out of your sponsorship.

In fact, with our alliances we can bring sponsors a package like no other. We call this package “Managed Sponsorship.” Depending on the series, the level of sponsorship, and the desires of the team and sponsor a managed sponsorship can include the following:

  • Professionally designed driver helmet and fire suit
  • Professionally designed paint scheme
  • Professionally designed crew wear
  • Driver appearances
  • Display Car
  • Imaging on and off the track
  • Focused social media with recognition on websites, social media, news feeds, etc.
  • Custom designed merchandise
  • Video production of the entire sponsor experience (may include a purposely written and produced song)
  •  Use of likeness rights for team owner and driver

All of these are very dependent on level of sponsorship and the series in which the sponsorship is placed. Only once interest in sponsoring is gained can these details be worked out. Contact us directly with your sponsorship interest and we will assure you get the best placement to gain the highest return on your investment possible.