Of course if you are an athlete, musician, band or team you need sponsorship or endorsepretty-7-373484070-Oment to be successful at what you do. Let’s face it, racing, performing, and touring takes cash.

It is a rare day when a sponsor walks in the door and says “hey, I want to sponsor a driver or team, who wants some money?” It is safe to say it has likely never happened. The fact is, sponsors invest in racing because they see a return on investment through gaining market share, increasing brand awareness, supporting a cause, or creating a networking opportunity for customers and clients. They sponsor because there is a valid business reason to do so.

Infield has an outstanding network of businesses and interested parties looking to grow their brand, increase market share, and create brand awareness. It is just a matter of putting the right team, the right driver, and the right story together. Our primary role in gaining sponsorship is to help create the value proposition.

Success requires a business case, we know a good business case when we see one. We know how to develop one too.

It is important to us that when we do land a sponsorship deal that you meet your obligations. Sponsors expect to get their money’s worth and we expect you to deliver. What makes us unique is that we work hard to make sure BOTH sides of the deal are happy with the partnership. This is what we call “Managed Sponsorship.”