Gil Smith is Infield Media Photography. He provides imaging across many industries. Motorsports, Music, Fashion, Equestrian, and Commercial Photography. We maintain studio access convenient to Nashville, Washington DC, and Charlotte. His work over the years has been photo-journalistic in nature and usually on assignment for a media outlet or commercial client. While this is still a focus of Gil’s work, now, you can retain Gil to create your own personal images.

Here is why Infield Personal Imaging is different.

Retail photography is focused on the up-sell.

Most retail or personal photographers make their profit on selling you ways to display your images!

Consistent with the entire Infield model based on the gig-economy and the age of digital images.

We provide you a guaranteed number of high quality digital images, via a secure, password protected website. WE WILL NOT UP-SELL YOU ANYTHING!!

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You see, if the photographer retains the digital image (and we will too) you must return to them for more images. We release the images you paid for, to you! You will sign a contract with us when we do your imaging that prohibits commercial use of your images without our permission. (Yes, we will charge you extra for commercial usage rights). We will only use your images on our website or marketing materials ONLY if you have given us permission to do so either in person through a contract or via a model release.  We let you have an agreed upon amount for your personal use.


What is “personal use”

We realize that social media is how people want to use their images. Have at it.. send them all over the world and tell them who made them for you! That includes professional sites like LinkedIn, Company websites, even business cards.

If there is any doubt, we are always willing to respond to an inquisitive email.

Now if we drive through a town and see your image proudly displayed on a billboard advertising your real estate agency or insurance agency, we will give you a call.

We will not up-sell you. We will give you access to your images, we will give you access to a store where you can select and order your own prints or design a book. Some of our boudoir packages do include a book option, designed by us, only because they are fun to keep in a bedside table and we know that almost everyone wants one. If you would like us to be involved with developing printed materials or books after your session we would be glad to do that, for a design fee.

Some of our work in personal sessions: