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PR is an integral part of any artist, athlete, or entertainers life. At Infield Media & Promotion we bring a unique package of skills in one location. It is how you, as a public figure and business opportunity interacts with the public, maintain ties to your base and community and how you get important information out to all of your interested parties. These are fans, sponsors, colleagues, the press in general, and influential people in your industry (racing, music, equestrian, benefactors, buyers).

There are several components to a good PR program. Infield can support your program with a full life cycle PR effort.

Target Information

Press releases cost money and can eat up a budget. Prior to releasing information, we determine target audiences that we feel would have the greatest interest in your press release or marketing data. Infield uses press distribution services that allow us to specifically target your information by industry, region, media type, and format. 


A picture is worth a thousand words, and it better be the right one. Images with press releases are important, it makes your release stand out. Images in press releases also drive up cost, so the image better count and it better be meaningful. The image should either add emphasis to your message, or clarify any potential confusion that your message may cause. Have you seen our imaging pages or our social media? We offer world class photo support for every Infield effort. Imaging is always part of the Infield PR package.  

Media Relations

A public relations professional’s best allies are journalists. Good media relations will not only get your press releases printed in spots where the public will see them, they can also result in personal interviews that will gain you even more exposure. Infield carries US and International Press Credentials and we have relationships with key news outlets. When it is time, we can get you in front of the top news reporters in your industry. 


So many tools! What is right, and when is it right to use them? Press releases, speeches, personal interviews, seminars, web broadcasts and direct mail pieces are just some of the tools we use to reach a target audience.


Some public relations pieces can be scheduled for release well in advance. Many things can be scheduled to get to the perfect timing. You don;t want to announce your new sponsor the same day an iconic figure announces their retirement, you’ll go unnoticed. But it is also important to be prepared to release important information on a moment’s notice. We have 24/7 access to news and publication resources.


Reporters cannot confirm information in time to make print deadlines if you are not available. The world cannot have your personal contact info, so your PR representation needs to be available 24/7 and highly responsive.   Infield keeps a unique phone number for the press and others seeking to contact our clients. We can help insulate you from much of the noise of being in demand.

Stay Active

As your representative, we will seek opportunities to make your presence known. It is our job at Infield to make sure you stay relevant in your area. You need to be available for speeches and seminars, and become an active member in things that will create PR opportunities like benevolent causes and professional and civic organizations. Infield has a wide variety of connections with charitable and community causes and we are always looking for opportunities to present our clients in positive situations.

Fact Checking

We do not release information until it has been thoroughly checked for accuracy. All public relations materials go through all pertinent parties to sign off on before it is made public. We will work out ahead of time what we can release without clearance and what we cannot. If we are doing PR for an athlete we may want to do PR social media releases during a competition, for example. 


We will never purposely deceive the public with any information about you. A falsehood will always eventually be uncovered and the resulting fallout can be worse than the issue you were trying to cover up. We strive to present facts in a way that sheds as much positive light on your company as possible.

Contact Information

Every piece of public relations material that comes out will have PR contact information that includes a contact name, phone number, email address and mailing address. This gives the public a chance to follow up on the information you released and the media a chance to present further information if they find the story interesting. We protect your personal information when we do this.