Infield Media is now an ADORAMA affiliate, get all your imaging equipment needs met through Adorama, use our link to get to the best specials available.

Racing is back with many series launching over the next few weeks! We still have some great inventory in motorsports this year. Our focus is getting female athletes behind the wheel and sponsored in many sanctioned series.  We have great opportunities in Lamborghini Trofeo, POWRi Sprint Cars, TransAM, NHRA Top Fuel, and IMSA. All NASCAR series, IndyCar, and SCCA.

Sponsorship’s range in cost from a few thousand dollars to over $1.5M for packages in major series. We can also help you negotiate a full-season sponsorship or a race sponsorship package. Contact us with any questions or interests. Racing is on the comeback!

Check out our motorsports page for more details.