Infield’s roots are in photography. Gil started taking pictures with his Dad and his Grandfather back when he was a wee lad. Growing up around men with cameras it was only natural that he grabbed one as soon as he could. Learning to shoot with film, he is exacting in his work and careful about his shots. Gil’s career in photography accelerated when he was introduced to NASCAR’s Infield by WJFK Clear Channel Radio covering the Richmond NASCAR race. Soon thereafter he was covering the garage and pits for Garage Talk RadioGMI2018-15 and shortly later achieved recognition as a credentialed member of the press as a photojournalist covering sports and leisure activities for the US Press Association and the German Daily News. He is an emerging artist in the equestrian field and is rapidly gaining recognition as a reliable resource for equestrian sponsors nationwide.

Today, Infield Media still provides media and PR coverage for motorsports by providing exciting crisp images of competition and the human side of racing. Gil is known for his warm and personal images whether it is in  equestrian work capturing the exhilaration of a clear ride, a poignant moment in entertainment, or a Dad and Daughter sharing a pre-race experience for the media.

GMI2017-54Maroon 5 Counting Crows - NikonRichmond Spring 2016-71

With the launch of this new format, Infield is moving into personal photography as Gil Smith Photography. You can see some of our personal work in this portfolio.

Infield will continue to provide support in the commercial markets and in support of our PR and Marketing clients. You can see our commercial work in this portfolio.

You may also visit us at our Wedding Wire/The Knot site here.