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Business to Government (B2G) Services
We work within the Government Contracting Industry to fill critical positions with high-quality talent. Some of the services we offer, in addition to our Corporate Advisory Services, include:
We evaluate your business model and your offerings to determine your target market. We then scan the market for opportunities and present them to you to determine what you see as opportunities. Furthermore, we refine our search so you see market opportunities to pursue, making the best use of your business development assets.
We can represent you to your market, either independently as a card-carrying representative or collaboratively alongside you or your Business Development Staff. Our broad network can open doors.
We are experienced in proposal writing and development. Over the past several years, we’ve been personally involved in over 250 successful bids and proposals. We know how to win!
Would you like a professional “leave behind” or a professional-looking response to Requests For Information (RFI) that only ask for Capability Statements?
There is a standard that the government expects to see when researching your company. We can build a website for you that covers all the bases and doesn’t give up your competitive advantage.
Your report card on performance is one of the most important things you have. Make sure that you are using the process to put your best foot forward and express what good work your doing and where you go the extra mile.
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Business to Government (B2G) Services
There is a real art to pricing government competitive bids. Fixed Price, Cost-Plus, T&M, CPFF, CPAF, and pricing models to help your business become more profitable, more competitive, or cover costs. WE have the experience and skill to get you priced right and priced to win.
You know who is beating you, do you know why? Who else is out there ready to take your business, and how will you beat them to the work? We’ve been at this a while and know the federal space. You can win the competition but not get the work; we can help you understand this dynamic.
You can win or lose based on a presentation. We’ve taught hundreds of people how to stand up and present to wide and varied audiences. The important thing is that you stay organized, on-point, and score!
Your logo, proposal presentation, colors, fonts, and the overall coordination of your materials are important. Having them professionally built by a graphic designer and skilled proposal developer/writer is money well spent. Organized, crisp, professional, easy to read.
No single business can meet all of the requirements outlined in many proposals. All businesses don’t access the same markets. In order to reach the federal market and answer to all requirements, you will require the ability to partner and capitalize on the strengths of others. Partnering expands market access and capability and improves your win rate.
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Headquartered in Asheboro, NC, IM&P provides Executive Services and Support (ESS) to Commercial enterprises in the B2B space and Government Contractors operating in the B2G space. ESS includes services supporting business operations, business development, strategy and planning, advisory board services, personal professional development, fundraising, and crisis management.

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